Quality Work carried out by Quality People.

One thing about WA, is that we love property.

Designing it. Owning it. Selling it. Building it. Leasing it. Improving it.

Whether in boom or gloom times, there is always activity and movement.

But all prestige properties come with a significant amount of work to reach and maintain a standard of excellence. Classic Contractors has a reputation as a high-end quality provider to owners of premium properties in a range of sectors. We work with property managers, developers, architects, interior designers, firms and construction companies to build, paint or refurbish the asset in their care.

Classic Contractors has become known in the industry for an incomparable attention to detail. We do this through maintaining a stable core workforce that retain both a clear understanding of the requirements of our clients, and work to Classic’s best practice standards of work.

Our Team

We decided long ago to stick to what we are good at… it seems to work for us.

Classic’s formidable senior management team bring a wealth of experience and business acumen, and are experts in their respective areas.

Robert Stewart.jpg

Robert Stewart


Robert has more than 25 years’ experience in the financial planning industry, including 8 years in senior management roles at Sealcorp. He is currently the principal of a Perth financial planning practice advising high net worth individuals on all aspects of investments and wealth strategies.


Mark Stewart

Dip.BLDR.Reg 10343. GAICD
Managing Director and Founder

Mark oversees operations of Classic Contractors with strong leadership and wise business management. Mark is both a registered Builder and Painter who has built the company from the ground up through proven strategic planning and commitment to customer focused decisions. Mark is a graduate of the Australia Institute of Company Directors GAICD and the President of the East Fremantle Football Club.


Brett Wheeler

Construction Manager

Brett successfully manages all stages of construction projects from tender, award of contract through to successful completion within financial and time constraints. Brett’s exposure to national markets provides Classic’s construction division with experienced leadership, business development and knowledge of delivering projects within budget expectations


Eleanor Hopkins

CA BA(Hons)
Finance Manager

Eleanor trained with the Royal Bank of Scotland and has over 12 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant working in the banking and construction industries. Eleanor has extensive experience in statutory and management accounting and provides financial analysis and reporting to support decision making. This is key to supporting Classic Contractors’ divisions to allow them to be proactive and provide clients with the best levels of service.


Alan Kendrick

Painting Manager

Alan provides a wealth of industry knowledge and project management experience to the painting division. His exposure to both international and national markets across a broad sector of managerial and business development roles provides Classic’s painting services division with experienced leadership. Alan is a key player in providing that final finish to our projects.

Our Values

Quality Work done by Quality People.

Classic Contractors provide professional contracting services to the building and construction industry and affiliated sectors. Classic Contractors is unique in that it has relationships within a diverse range of clientele and markets across Western Australia through its 3 strong divisions of building, painting and refurbishment.

Our values aim to provide each of our team members with clear expectations, and promote a culture of responsibility, honesty and openness.

As a company we have a commitment to continuing to be a quality driven business, and we believe our dedication to this and our other values us why we enjoy an excellent reputation throughout Western Australia.

In addition to endorsing a strong occupational health and safety policy, we show our staff we value them through our ongoing commitment to the character development of ourselves and the people we lead.

Our values guide how we interact with each other, our clients and the people we meet in the course of our work. This charter is a distilled version of an internal guide addressing desired behaviours and responses under 8 key prompts.


Motivation and Drive

Displaying self-management and a drive to solve a problem without continuous micro management.

brutal honesty.png


Expressing an opinion to the person who can be part of the solution, and participating in finding that solution, is a more powerful stance than simply complaining.


Financial responsibility

Understanding that as a privately-owned company, all employees are shareholders. Assess initiatives and expenditure based on the current gearing position and empathise with the managers’ reasoning.


Vent appropriately

Frustrations are kept within Classic and not directed at clients or suppliers. Communication of any type is directed at the problem not the person.



Treating and supporting everyone within Classic as a peer regardless of their organisational relationship to you. Demonstrate an understanding that we have different levels of accountability and responsibility.



Pitching in and helping when you notice a colleague is under more stress than you at that point in time.



Making use of the workplace trust and flexibility by attending that important school function! Similarly, be flexible when your team needs you.



Recognising that despite which division you work in, you are a part of ONE company and do things that encourage connection.