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Repainting as a regular part of preventative maintenance can vastly impact the longevity of your building. Ideally, repainting will take place before the current paintwork deteriorates so much that it no longer provides protection for the materials underneath.

But of course repainting is not just a matter of slapping another coat of paint over the previous coating. A proper repaint should include stripping away the old coatings and properly preparing the materials underneath for a new look.

Paint technology is changing significantly as the industry evolves from decade to decade. The substances contained within the paint also change as certain substances are revealed to be unsafe to use; like lead, for instance. This is why the surface preparation process is so important. In order to get it right, it is vital that the painter has in-depth knowledge of the paint applied previously and the materials underneath to be able to approach the project in the right way. Not only will this approach affect the paintwork, but it will affect the integrity of the whole building.

Successful repainting is largely dependent upon the capabilities and processes of making sure the substrate adheres to the new coating system. When we undertake a large repaint project, we spend time looking at the existing condition of the substrate so that the finished work is of the highest standard.

Sometimes it’s not possible to replicate the exact paint that has been used. As we mentioned before, this is especially true with heritage buildings. However, we will always be able to find the most up-to-date coating system that is a suitable replacement.

Repainting projects will extend the life of your buildings and ensure they keep giving off a polished first impression. If you have a building that you’d like us to look at, get in touch with Mark or Tim on (08) 9354 9200.

Painting Quest Apartments in Perth

If you’re in the construction industry, you’ll understand that time management is not so much an art as a skill that can be learned, practiced and honed over time. One of our tier one projects last year was Quest Apartments on Adelaide Terrace in Perth’s CBD. We undertook the painting with a total timeline of 10 months.

We knew from the outset that completing this project successfully was going to mean a lot of high-level coordination. Even on a lean time budget, this project was finished comfortably on time and there are a few things that we consistently do to ensure that this is the case with all our commercial painting projects.

Proactive preparation

They say that ‘proper preparation prevents poor performance’ and at Classic Contractors, this is something we work by every day. Our team leaders work hard to create an environment of proactive thinking where every member of the team is responsible for anticipating project issues and finding proactive solutions.

Using technology

We’ve found that we can use appropriate technology to effectively alleviate the burden of time pressures. We have our own app which we developed so that our staff have everything they need for effective project management at their fingertips. They can communicate in real time, see the same information as everyone else in the company, and remain connected when they’re on different sites across the Perth metropolitan area. It’s constantly being reviewed and updated to adjust to the market, so that we can respond to the changes as they happen.

Learning from experience

With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve learned a lot as we’ve worked on various projects in an ever-changing business environment. As a team, we’re consistently investing in our collective knowledge and working together to ensure we’re always striving for the best outcomes possible.

Not all Perth-based commercial painting teams can deliver exceptional results on time. But we can, and we’d be happy to prove it. If you have a project coming up, get in touch with Mark or Tim on (08) 9354 9200.

WA’s Most Award Winning Commercial Painting Company

With thousands of shoppers moving through Ocean Keys Shopping Centre every week, the prospect of redeveloping should have seemed like a monumental undertaking.

The commercial painting scope alone included general painting of all walls and ceilings, concrete floors with epoxy and clear sealers, applying clear coatings to timber as well as applying external Acratex to concrete tilt panels and applying protective coatings to steel.

As with most commercial operations of its type, closing the centre for renovations was never an option due to the enormous costs involved. So, when we undertook this tier one painting contract for the redevelopment, we knew the challenge for us would be to work around the ordinary day-to-day operations of the centre with minimal disruption to the businesses and patrons.

From our experience on some of Perth’s biggest tier one commercial painting projects, we have learnt that there are five things we bring to all of our commercial painting projects that give our clients the confidence to come back to us again and again.


With highly experienced and proactive managers leading the team, we have a reputation for anticipating potential issues before they arise, meaning that risks to time, cost and outcomes are mitigated.

At Classic Contractors, all our staff are in-house which means they know how to work well with each other. We’ve worked hard to cultivate a positive team culture which means that our workers are happier, more motivated and support each other to get the job done.


Precise planning ensures that we will be able to work efficiently and effectively. We use our own systems and software (including our custom ipad app) to track project supplies, equipment and inventory to make sure the project runs as smoothly as possible.


Part of good planning is committing to tracking progress and making adjustments as needed. Constant monitoring of the agreed plan, and communicating progress to clients ensures we are able to keep projects on track and deliver high-quality results on time.


With lots of teams involved and many different stakeholders on large projects, we know that good communication is necessary for ensuring everyone can work well together. When we’re on a job, we consider it our responsibility to understand stakeholder needs and modes of operation, as well as coordinating meetings with other teams to build a positive working relationship with everyone involved.

Want a Perth-based commercial painting team that can bring commitment, high-level skills and project management expertise to deliver award-winning work for commercial projects on time and on budget? Get in touch with Mark or Tim on (08) 9354 9200.

When You Inherit an Heirloom: Transforming Fremantle’s Heritage

Textured paints on exterior surfaces are a great option for adding some extra protection to external walls. They are often more durable than non-textured paints, and offer a cheaper alternative to stone or traditional render.

As you drive into the bustling port of Fremantle city from the North, it’s likely that you will cross the bridge and drive right past the industrial warehouses that used to house the thriving industry that Fremantle was built upon.

One of the biggest and, arguably, the most impressive is the old Dalgety & Co. Woolstores, built between Queen Victoria and Beach Streets in the 1920′s to accommodate the booming wool trade.

Even though they undoubtedly hoped that they would be successful in their trade, I wonder if Dalgety & Co ever had an inkling at how iconic their Woolstores would become to Fremantle and, by extension, to the people that live there.

Modern for its day, the three storey Woolstores were strategically situated within road, rail and harbour – the perfect location to support a prosperous wool trade.

“One of my childhood memories is driving along in the old family Kingswood station wagon along Beach Street between the Dalgety Fremantle Woolstores and the train lines and the Fremantle Port.” Mayor Brad Pettit says, “I remember the car having to stop for what, as a kid, felt like forever as a train backed into the Woolstores building to load bales of wool for export. As a kid, that part of Fremantle felt like a whole other world with this massive industrial building that was so big even trains could drive right inside!’” (from 90 Stories, 90 Years)

Now, the Woolstores will enter into a new phase in their evolution as they have been taken over and converted into beautifully appointed, loft-style apartments – called Heirloom.

We’ve often said, at Classic, that we love being a part of revitalising buildings that would otherwise lay dormant or, in some cases, be demolished. There’s no replacing the character and heritage of the Woolstores and being a part of the transformation from industrial warehouse to contemporary, world-class living spaces has been quite incredible.

We used our expertise to come up with a Dulux colour palette for the Heirloom apartments that would marry the historical and industrial elements with contemporary design. Now, these livable spaces will be the new backdrop for many more memories created in the years to come.

Our Painting team are experts in finishing spaces to the highest quality. We love taking on the challenge of projects that have an eclectic mix of design elements. If you have a project like this that you’d like to chat to us about, call Mark on 9354 9200.

Exterior Texture: From The Outside, Looking In

Textured paints on exterior surfaces are a great option for adding some extra protection to external walls. They are often more durable than non-textured paints, and offer a cheaper alternative to stone or traditional render.

Coming in a variety of tones, shades and textural effects, there are near-endless options for creating the exact look you want, and Dulux textured paints are suitable for almost any surface including:

    • Bricks
    • Cement Render
    • Fibre Cement
    • Masonry

And they still cover a variety of imperfections, lifting the facade of a dated home or building, covering up surface blemishes and creating an interesting, updated look that will last.

A lot of our clients select textured paints for their exteriors for some or all of these reasons and the results are always superb. It’s amazing what a effect fresh paint can have on the look of a building.

Our Painting Managers are experts in the range of textured finishes available. If this is an option you’d like to explore, we have a skilled and experienced residential painting team who would love to chat about it. Call Mark on 9354 9200

A Theatre Restoration Fit for a King


‘In 1892, Perth had been a primitive frontier town with all the rawness and lack of style of a pioneer settlement. By 1900, it had been dipped boldly into a bucket of pure Victoriana and taken out, dripping plaster and spiked with towers and cupolas in a bewildering variety of shapes, to dry. His Majesty’s Theatre surpasses any other in Australia for the lavishness of its ornamentation.’

-J.M. Freeland

His Majesty’s Theatre was built as and Edwardian hotel and theatre in 1904 for Perth businessman Thomas. G. Molloy.

Designed by architect William Wolf, and built by contractor Gustav Liebe, the theatre’s design followed the style of the nineteenth century theatres of England and Europe – with a horseshoe shape for seating which brought the audience closer to the stage and improved sightlines and sound.

It also featured an impressive dome roof which slid open sideways so that the audience could benefit from extra ventilation in the warmer months.

The total cost of the project was £46,000, with £43,000 going into the building alone. A stunning example of Edwardian architecture (even for its time), it is believed to be the only remaining working Edwardian theatre Australia-wide.

Yet, this was almost not the case! By the 1970s, His Majesty’s Theatre had fallen into disrepair and disuse and it was suggested that the theatre should be demolished.

The public campaigned in favour of keeping the theatre and convinced the Government of Western Australia to buy and renovate the theatre instead. Since then, it has enjoyed a revival and remains on of WA’s oldest and most iconic buildings.

Classic Contractors recently had the privilege of undertaking the latest renovation works on the theatre, including the removal of asbestos roofing, upgrades to the fire safety system (including new mechanical air extraction units), and the installation of new acoustic fire doors.

We were also involved in providing five new emergency air flow openings on the stage of theatre. This required specialised custom design and construction of vertical lift doors that would not affect the acoustic integrity of the building. This was accomplished by means of close consultation with the acoustic engineer and real world acoustic testing of the finished product.

We’re so proud to be a part of the ongoing legacy of one of Western Australia’s most beautiful historical buildings. If you’d like to talk to us about our restoration experience, we’d love to chat. Call Mark on 9354 9200.

Residential Painting: The temptation to DIY

The paint on your walls has the biggest effect on how you feel in a space. It sets the tone for the rest of your home and can even affect its perceived value.

If you watch any of the home renovation series that pop up on prime time television (The Block or House Rules) you’ll notice that there is a lot of footage of contestants working all through the night desperately trying to get paint on the walls. It’s usually the one thing that contestants figure they don’t need experience to be able to do well.

But, as they discover, painting a room well is not as easy as simply slapping wet paint on the wall and moving it around with a brush. And, when it comes to the quality and feel of a room, the professional finish really does matter.

We’ve painted lots of homes throughout our 20 years in the industry, and our work has won recognition from the Master Painters and Decorators Association many times. As well as the experience that we bring to our residential painting projects, we can advise clients on a solution that will fit within their budget and timeframe and are able to advise on colour and finishing.

As dedicated professionals, we make sure that we do the appropriate prep work and and we always ensure we have the right equipment and the appropriate materials to achieve the desired finish.

And all of that saves our clients time, money and the overwhelming stress of tackling such a massive job themselves, while giving them fantastic results that can only be achieved by a skilled Master Painter.

We’re also Dulux Accredited which means not only do we have the endorsement of a global brand, but we guarantee the quality of our work by Dulux standards.

Considering painting your home? A fresh coat of paint can give new life to an older home, or change the atmosphere of your space. We have a skilled and experienced residential painting team who would love to chat about it. Call Mark on 9354 9200

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Rebuilding an icon: The story of the National Hotel

When a heritage-listed building is gutted by fire, the cost to restore it to its former glory can be huge. The amount of work involved is, in many cases, too much.

Luckily for the National Hotel in Fremantle, the 2007 fire that completely gutted the interior was not enough to prevent new owners from seeing its worth. The decision to restore this iconic West Australian building has ensured it will remain an integral part of Fremantle’s West End precinct.

First a shop, and then a bank, the National Hotel wasn’t the National Hotel until 1886. Since then, it has been central to the bustling port city of Fremantle.

Originally two storeys, the hotel was later modified to become five levels including a basement. The modifications included balconies totalling 450ft in length and about 9 foot in width.

In 1902, The West Australian reported: “The architect has, throughout, apparently, striven to produce something which will reflect the highest credit upon his profession, and when the building is completed, it should form a valuable addition to the architecture of Fremantle.”

Classic Contractors were immediately excited about the possibility of being involved in the restoration of the National Hotel, and our enthusiasm was rewarded when we won the construction contract.

With the interior completely gutted by the fire, significant structural work was required for the six-level building. Over 1.5 years, we completed the 1400 m2 construction fit-out.

The now modern interior incorporates many of the stunning features that were part of the building as it was in Western Australia’s gold rush era. Ornate ceilings, restored leadlight windows, restored fireplaces, and a bar counter made from recycled railway sleepers are all a part of the Federation-style decor.

The National Hotel reopened in its current form in December 2013 and was awarded a commendation award in the prestigious WA State Heritage Awards earlier this year.

We are so proud to have been the head contractor in the restoration of this iconic building and are pleased it’s getting the recognition it deserves.

We have a special passion for heritage buildings and have undertaken many successful restoration projects in Western Australia. If there’s a restoration project you would like advice on, we’d love to chat about it. Call Mark on 9354 9200

Commercial Painting: Perth buildings will be in good hands if contractors have all this…

Looking for a contractor to take on your commercial painting? Perth companies are inundated with choice, when it comes to selecting contractors to take on their projects. But, not all contractors operate to the same high standards. So what should you look for when selecting a commercial painting contractor to handle your project?


Look for quality of experience as well as years in the ‘biz’. What sorts of projects has the commercial painter undertaken in Perth and what were the results? Have they successfully demonstrated that they’re familiar with a wide-range of projects?


Is the commercial painting contractor registered? In Western Australia, all contractors are required to be registered by the Department of Commerce. This ensures they adhere to business dealings that are fair and equitable, that they undergo regular audits and that they are held accountable to a higher authority.


Any painting contractor you hire should have general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. A reputable contractor will have all the required documents in place to protect them, their workers and the owners of the worksite.

Formal estimate

A formal estimate should be provided in the form of a written contract and should include the scope of the project, materials they will use, and prep work that’s required.


Will your commercial painter offer you a guarantee for the work that they do? In addition to the guarantee offered on paint products (by the manufacturers), most reputable commercial painting contractors in Perth will offer a warranty for the application work and will include it in the contract.


Classic Contractors is a Dulux Accredited Painter, which means our commercial painting services are certified and trusted by Dulux, we have our professional painting licenses and public liability insurance independently verified annually, and we offer a 5 year Painter’s Workmanship Warranty.

If you have a job on the horizon, and you think you could use some advice on the best painting solutions, we’d love to chat about what options you could consider. Call Mark or Tim on 9354 9200.

Building Schools: Carey Baptist College

When Carey Baptist College announced their plans to establish a new campus in the Forrestdale area, Classic Contractors was eager to be on board.

After a successful tendering process, Classic was awarded the project from a list of 5 contractors.

Construction started on the project in late 2014 and was completed at the end of 2015 just in time for the new school year.

The Forrestdale Campus will cater to the needs of Kindergarten to Grade 12. In addition to the classrooms themselves, the campus also has a new soccer oval and a revitalised native wetland area located at the front of the campus block.

Despite there not being any power or water supply at the remote construction site, the construction team from Classic did a brilliant job keeping construction on time and budget.

Carey’s Business Manager, Tim Dorsman, said that any minor difficulties that occurred during completion of the project were successfully overcome by the contracting teams. “Carey has fantastic support from its contractors and consultants who have been great in helping us overcome any problems that have arisen,” Mr Dorsman said.

Picking paint is about more than choosing a colour

Choosing paint is about more than just picking a colour. When you paint any surface, it’s not enough to simply pick out the desired shade of blue.

Painting is about more than just the look, it’s about protecting the building from the weather and preserving the building itself. At Classic, when we choose the appropriate paint, coverage and environmental conditions are the biggest consideration.

Whether we’re painting a house, or a 30-floor tower, we want to use a paint that will offer all the desired protective benefits as well – providing a suitable barrier to protect surfaces from rust, swelling or buckling, staining and degradation.

Different surfaces require don’t only require different treatments and applications, they require different chemical compositions too. This ensures appropriate adhesion to the intended surface, provides the required environmental protection, and supports durability long-term.

We always take all of these factors into consideration when undertaking any job, providing our clients with fantastic results that last. We pay attention to even the tiniest details – external environmental factors, the intended use for any area, the different materials involved and the desired aesthetic look – so that we can deliver a superior finish for any surface.

As Dulux Accredited Contractors, we make it our priority to be on the cutting edge of Dulux paint technology staying across the latest surface protections and finishes. We can handle complex briefs for a variety of industries including health, education, and residential.

If you have a job on the horizon, and you think you could use some advice on the best painting solutions, we’d love to chat about what options you could consider. Call Mark on 9354 9200

2014 Awards Recognition by WA Master Painters Association – Industrial Protective Coatings

Classic recognised at the recent WA Master Painters Association Awards 2014.

Category: Industrial Protective Coatings Open Value
Project: Broad Constructions
WorkZone Pier Street, Perth.

Our work has been recognised by the WA Master Painters Association in presenting us with the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013


Classic Contractors Wins Dulux Business Professional of the Year 2014 Award!

Classic Contractors is again very proud to announce our recent win at the Dulux Accredited Painters Awards. For the third time Classic Contractors has taken out the Dulux Business Professional of the Year 2014 Award.

Proudly accepting the Award, Mark stated:

“Many people under estimate the time, skill and effort it takes to complete a painting job and Classic Contractors have worked diligently and tirelessly to ensure our painters have the skills and trade knowledge to execute projects which go above and beyond our clients expectations. Choosing a good painter is one of the most valuable steps you can take to boost the worth and appeal of your property/asset – and I believe Classic Contractors excels in this respect.”

He also stated “As a professional painting business we have a number of processes in place to support both our professionalism and the quality of our work

Classic Contractors Bestowed Highest Honours at Master Painters & Decorators 2013 Awards for Excellence

It’s been an absolutely huge week for Classic Contractors who have become the undisputed #1 painters in Perth as confirmed by their landslide award victory at the Master Painters & Decorators 2013 Awards for Excellence at Crown Casino. Having won the ultimate award of achievement plus multiple others, the team at Classic Contractors are riding a very big wave of excitement.

“Winning the 2013 ReddiFund Ken Carde Master Painter of the Year Award is like winning the Brownlow, the footy Grand Final and the Norm Smith Medal in one – it is truly an amazing feeling. We are humbled by the support of our clients and such overwhelmingly positive recognition from the industry.” Managing Director Mark Stewart commented.

Classic Contractors also won the 2013 Sustainable Business of the Year Award, which is an enormous honour given their ongoing commitment to protecting the environment, as well as a number of additional prestigious awards recognising the most outstanding results on some of the most notable individual projects, including some commercial and high end residential projects completed in East Fremantle, and Kavanagh Mews in Mosman Park.

Awards included:

  • ReddiFund Ken Carde Master Painter of the Year Award
  • Sustainable Business of the Year Award
  • Repaint Housing over $40,000.00 MPA award
  • Repaint Commercial Open Value MPA award
  • New Construction Housing over $40,000.00 MPA award
  • Industrial/Protective coatings: Open value award

For existing clients who have experienced Classic Contractors’ high level of commitment to excellent outcomes and quality work, the multiple award wins may not come as such a big surprise because at the end of the day, award winning results tend to speak for themselves. This latest award win is arguably the ultimate catalyst to choose and recommend Classic Contractors as your property partner for the coming year.


Today Tonight – Lost Freo

National Hotel Open Again in Freo’s West End

On May 30, 2014, Fremantle’s historic National Hotel reopened its doors after a $3 million restoration carried out by Classic Contractors.

The hotel, which was gutted by fire in 2007, reopened its doors to patrons last weekend as Carnegies Fremantle.

The pub was bought by its current owners, the international Carnegies chain, which has hotels in Perth’s CBD, Hong Kong, Taiwan and china in June last year.

The venue now includes a rooftop bar, a historic front bar, as well as 11 boutique hotel rooms.

Classic Contractors managing director Mark Stewart said the project was particularly challenging considering the heritage value of the 130-year-old hotel.

“When we took over, it was basically a shell. You could look up through the middle of the building and see the sky. There was no power or water to the site, and being a building that’s 130 years old, having requirements of what needs to be done from a heritage point of view and also the owner’s requirements of what they wanted was quite challenging.”

Mr Stewart said the National Hotel revamp was also a handy boost to the company’s profile, and a good showcase of its capabilities. The redevelopment took 18 months to complete.

Read more at Business News WA

Classic awarded for outstanding safety behaviours


In the past week, Classic Contractors has been rewarded for our outstanding safety behaviours. The acceptance of this award is an indication that the business model and company values are heading in the right direction. We are very fortunate to be recognised for our work on the Perth International Airport.

We are extremely humbled in accepting awards that recognise our business achievements and the high quality of our workmanship. We would like to thank every team member for helping the company reach our goals.

We invite you to visit our website for a comprehensive view of Classic Contractors, your professional property partner.

Classic Contractors Achieves Back to Back Result!


Dulux Accredited Business Professional of the Year Award 2011

For the second consecutive year Classic Contractors has taken out the Dulux Accredited Business Professional of the Year Award.

Blossoming from the humble beginnings of a $3,000 credit card limit to a $5 million a year turnover, Classic Contractors is a Perth based commercial, retail and residential painting group.

Colleen Jeffery-Court, Dulux Accredited Program Manager, explained at the Dulux Accredited Painters Conference in Melbourne that this business success story should be an inspiration to other SME’s.

“Classic Contractors was one of 4 entries into this year’s Awards, which involves rigorous assessment across the entire business operations.”

Classic Contractors CEO Mark Stewart attributes his business’ success to his team, along with a steadfast commitment to establishing a culture which values the business objectives.

“The culture is to challenge ourselves and in turn our fellow workers to meet the business objectives to the highest standards.”

Winning the award last year enabled the company to undertake an independent review of their painting operations and ensure they gained the trust of each employee while encouraging them to embrace change.

Mr Stewart added that the last few years since the global financial crisis had definitely proved to be a challenge.”

National issues such as reduced government stimulus and tight bank lending criteria have combined with localised state issues such as skilled labour shortage and reduced local content in large scale projects.

“It’s seen Classic focus on making the organisation more efficient and dynamic to change.

Local WA Painter’s Brush with Fame

Classic Contractors celebrates being recognised as the 2010 Dulux Business Professional of the Year.

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Repeat Win a “Classic”

Willetton based Classic Contractors Managing Director Mark Stewart said it was an honor to pick up the award for Champion Trade Services at the 2009 Australian Small Business Champion Awards.


Dulux Accredited Painter of the Year 2009

Classic Contractors celebrates being recognised as the 2009 Dulux Accredited Painter of the Year WA for the third consecutive year.

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Like many apprentices, Mark Stewart dreamed of establishing his own business rather than working for a wage.

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Mark Stewart talks painting advice with Dominique Pratt from Home in WA.

Mark Stewart 40 under 40 Award Winner 2009

In accepting the 40under40 Award, Mark acknowledged that one person does not make a successful business.

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Master Painters Association Commercial Award Winnner

Perth’s Classic Contractors was announced as the winner of the Master Painters Association ‘New Construction’ category.

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Dulux Accredited Painter of the Year – 2008

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Small Business Champion Awards – 2008

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