Classic Contractors has established a charter of values that aims to provide each of our team members with clear communication and expectations, thus creating a culture of teammates who are open, honest and not afraid to take responsibility. We endorse a strong occupational health and safety policy in combination with a dedicated commitment to being a quality driven business. We regard employment of staff based on character with enhancement business.

Motivation-and-Drive Have the capacity for self management and a drive to solve a problem without continuous micro management. Do the following:

  • Care about the job you do.
  • Have the confidence to make a decision that is within theremit of your role.
  • Be prepared to take risks. You can’t get it right every time.
  • Be accountable.
Are you comfortable making decisions?

Do you find it hard getting out of bed to do your job?

Are you comfortable to take a risk, fail and admit the failure? I.e. We don’t believe in blame, we believe in learning.

brutal-honesty Feel free to express an opinion to anyone in the company. If you have an issue go to the heart of the problem, be prepared to offer a solution and get it resolved. There is nothing gained in whinging without trying to participate in finding the solution. No one at Classic should feel powerless to make a change. Are you part of the solution or the problem?
not-public-company Classic is a privately owned organisation where all shareholders are employees. Classic does not have access to capital via the public market place. This is a very good thing because it gives us many freedoms to go in the direction we want. Classic is a very lowly geared company. However, it also means that certain initiatives will be implemented but only if the company can afford it at the time.

Therefore: Have empathy for the Managers with respect to financial decisions. Involve yourself in the commercial training offered by Classic.

Have you tried to put yourself in the Managers’ position with regard to expenditure?
vent At times we can all be frustrated with a:

  • Colleague
  • Customer
  • Supplier / Builder

Everyone should feel free to find someone to vent to (within Classic) so that they can deal with their frustration. Communication (verbal or written) should always be directed at the problem not the person. Treat all people (customer or colleague) with respect and adopt an awareness and culture sensitivity to all.

Are you happy with your style of communication with all of the following:

  • Colleague
  • Customer
  • Supplier
  • Business partner

Play the issue, not the man.

Do you have a venting buddy?

If not what do you do when you are faced with a highly frustrating situation?

equality A clear success within Classic is the understanding that we have differing levels of accountability and responsibility. We are all in the same ‘trench’, but someone has to make the call on the next move. Do you treat all people in the company as a peer?

Do you actively assist people in your team to learn regardless of their organisational relationship to you?

Anyone at anytime should feel free to discuss an issue or an idea with any person in the company.

Therefore:If you have a management or leadership role within Classic, mentor or persuade. Be prepared to listen. If you report to someone, understand that they have the final word on what direction will be taken in decision making. Your ideas will be considered but based on a number of contributors a decision must be made.If you are dissatisfied about an issue declare this to your Manager or indeed anyone that can assist. There is no point in complaining about it later.

Do you fully disclose information or do you hoard it?If you hoard what is the reason for this?
empathy Empathy is important when dealing with all stakeholders. At times your colleagues will be under more stress than you and will behave accordingly. Have empathy for their situation or frustration and investigate the circumstances of their frustration.

Therefore:Try and understand the demands of other roles in the company. Put yourself in their shoes. Accept that it is the sum of all the skill sets that makes a company like Classic not a few individuals.

Have you pitched in and helped a colleague that was “under the pump”?

Have you had a situation where you were frustrated with a colleague and you discovered the reason why by investigating their world?

With the people you interact most, do you ask yourself what it would be like to do their role?

Have you ever thought of what the demands are placed on a Director or Officer of the Company i.e. The legal and commercial responsibilities they hold?

flexibility Classic’s work culture is built upon the fundamental philosophy of personal responsibility. Therefore, we will always support a flexible attitude to work.

Things like:

  • Attendance at school functions and flexibility with your life style We trust the people that work for Classic. It is also important that it is okay to have a sense of humour (as long as you comply with the other values stated). Companies often make the work environment too sterile which is driven by unnecessary political correctness.
Have you made use of the flexible attitude to work at Classic?

Can you discuss occasions when you have been flexible to meet a demand that Classic or your team are facing?

professionalism Classic is ONE company and although we have three divisions we run the company as ONE profit and loss centre. Recognise that you are joining one company made up of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds but with one integrated culture. Recognise that to become part of the fabric of Classic you should be connected. Do you think that you have been operating in ONE company?

If not why?

Have you done anything to enhance the objective?

Do you feel connected within Classic?