Classic Contractors was established in 1995. The Classic Contractors history (extracted from The Business Review (BRW) Article – 27th July 1998) begins with an ambitious tradesman dreaming of running his own business empire. Mark has lost none of that enthusiasm and determination that drives successful entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers to achieve their goals. In short, Mark’s drive comes from his desire to lead. In hindsight, it can be seen that Mark was always likely to develop his own business. Mark’s first “venture” was as a thirteen year old armed with a lawn mower. “That’s where I learnt to hustle for business. If I didn’t have a job that day, I would just knock on the door of someone with a large lawn.”

After leaving school at the end of year ten, Mark completed his apprenticeship, and began employment with a major Perth building contractor which provided commercial experience, yet for an ambitious Mark, the progress did not fulfill his desire for success. “I recognised early in my apprenticeship that I never wanted to work for wages; I wanted to run my own business.” Classic Contractors was born and this time Mark was not armed with a lawn mower but enough trade skills to tackle the industry. With just a $3000 credit card in his pocket, Mark decided to take his “hustling” to building sites, asking the builder if there were odd jobs that needed doing. Later, he advanced the hustle to visiting local councils, getting details of building permits and striking early in the piece to earn himself more work. Mark’s persistence and confidence paid off with his first big break, a maintenance contract with a major shopping centre, with which Classic Contractors maintains a strong relationship to this day.