Environment & Safety


Classic Contractors has adopted a proactive attitude to support, develop and promote environmentally sustainable business practices in an effort to protect all workers and community health and safety concerns.

The Classic commitment extends beyond policy, with our investment into research and development of a sustainable paint management system. The launch of Enviro Classic provides day to day solutions in reducing paint wastage.

The technological advances achieved by the coatings industry over the past 50 years have resulted in a wide variety of durable, highly visible and longer lasting range of products, which meet the customer’s demand for safety, reliability, and environmental protection.

Classic Contractors’ suppliers and manufacturers place emphasis environmental protection in new product development, seeking technologies that offer improved product performance along with safety and reduced environmental impact.

Dulux® is proud to introduce EnvirO2™, a new generation premium interior paint that is low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), washable and comes in a huge range of colours. By choosing Dulux EnvirO2, you can achieve the perfect environmental balance, because it delivers outstanding performance and is 100% greenhouse neutral.



An MSDS is a document containing important information about a hazardous chemical (which may be hazardous substance and/or dangerous goods) and must state:

  • a hazardous substance’s product name
  • the chemical and generic name of certain ingredients
  • the chemical and physical properties of the hazardous substance
  • health hazard information
  • precautions for safe use and handling
  • the manufacturer’s or importer’s name, Australian address and telephone number.

The MSDS provides employers, self-employed persons, workers and other health and safety representatives with the necessary information to safely manage the risk from hazardous substance exposure.

It is important that everyone in the workplace knows how to read and interpret a MSDS.

Classic Contractors maintain compliance with Material Safety specifications to ensure occupational health and safety and the best possible result for each and every job.

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